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To get there


The wedding venue is in Durrës, Albania where the nearest airport is the Tirana International Airport. From there, it is a 40 minute drive to the venue, Kodra e Kuajvë.

It is recommended to get a taxi or a car rental to get around. But please take extra care when driving in Albania.

Please check your entry requirements with the travel office. UK, US, and Schengen visa holders are allowed entry without visa.


The wedding venue is also the official hotel of the couple and guests. We request that guests book directly with the hotel at their earliest convenience. You may use the link provided below. Please be advised that you may book a room for a maximum occupancy of 4 if you request a double sofa bed upon booking. Limited availability only.

Alternatively, you may book one of the flats or hotels around the seaside town of Durrës. 

The temperature at this time of the year is mild 15-27°C. Please bring a coat/wrap since the venue is atop of a hill by the sea and can get breezy.

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