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According to her

It all began in the summer of 2017. After exchanging messages for a week, we decided to meet that weekend before my night shift. I remembered seeing him for the first time at Kingston station where he waited almost an hour for me. When I arrived, he was so understanding and that really impressed me. We had lunch at Stein's and I don't usually eat on first dates. This goes to show how comfortable I felt with him right from the start. In the end, we shared our first kiss and said our goodbyes. Little did we know...

According to him

From the moment I met her, its as if I knew her my whole life. I am not a shy person but even by my standards, I was immediately openly talking about things and about my family. I told her stories of my hometown and I knew I had to take her there. Eventually, we went to all the places I wanted to show her and to places she wanted me to see. My world has become a bigger place and there's so much more to explore.

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